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Interconnected Global Outreach Projects are being launched sequentially by Independent Study Group Leaders starting in January 2006. Since the first Global Outreach Project is based on The Amenti Series workshop of Azurite Press, it's given the name Amenti Project. It is also the name of this website. All the subsequent Global Outreach Projects will be listed here on this website.
The Amenti Project brings the Vital Information for the Coming Global Transition. The Amenti Project is a 12-week Introduction to the Science and Spirituality of Creation.

To read about The Amenti Series workshop, which is a Source Material for the Amenti Project, please click on "The Amenti Series" on the right side under "Source Material Description Shortcut".

After reading the Amenti Series description, please click on the "12-week Format" on the left side to find out more details about the format of these 12-week Global Outreach Projects.




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Attitudes of Mastery:             2. GRACE —Allowing the ALL-ONE-ness to Be what IT IS regardless of whether it suits you. Living Perpetual Forgiveness.
Responsibilities of Mastery:  2. SELF-SOVEREIGNTY: Freedom from the need for approval from, or the need to rebel against any form of "external authority" through understanding that you, as a manifestation of the God Spirit, have the ability to create personal freedom without violating the spiritual rights of others and without allowing others to violate your spiritual rights of being.