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Amenti Series

The Amenti Series presents the first five lectures recorded by E’Asha Ashayana in 1998 and introduces topics such as Cosmic Order, Humanity’s purpose, understanding Time Waves and why this is such a pivotal time in our shared history.

The Amenti Series provides a clear, accessible introduction to the basic tenets of Keylontic Science, the meeting ground of Science and Spirituality.  

There are also several energy exercises, similar to guided meditations, which assist in anchoring higher dimensional frequencies into our conscious awareness.    Our connection-to-the-Universe space is WITHIN us and can be strengthened and made more accessible through a balanced combination of understanding our direct connection to Source and practising technologies based on this true structure.

Other topics include: the Dream State; our Soul Family; Past & Future Selves; the Heroic Probability; the Higher Self; Ascension; Tara, the Fall of Man & the Origin of our Solar System; the Halls of Amenti & much, much more!

Amenti Series: Lecture Topics  

 1: Keylontic Science: the Science of Light, Sound and the Geometrical Templates of Matter.

 2: The Science of Keylonta

 3: Introduction to Human Origins: the Turaneusiam Race

 4: The Fall of Man, History of the Root Races and Introduction to Amenti

 5: Morphogenetic Waves and Earth’s Coming Transitions 2000-2017



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