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Pertaining to EOMC Teachings, Techniques and Technologies



  • Theoretical Perspectives
  • EOMC Meditations for Spiritual Exploration, Medical and Psychiatric Considerations
  • Claim of Authenticity
  • Terms, Conditions, Agreements and Implied Consent
  • A Commitment to Quality and the EOMC Course-book Manuals


Theoretical Perspectives


EOMC teachings presently exist on Earth as a growing body of detailed information pertaining to the spirituality and science of creation and the history and evolution of humanity. EOMC teachings offer unique perspectives, techniques and technologies of mind and spirit that have proven useful to many people in the exploration and expansion of personal consciousness. Information contained within EOMC teachings represents a cohesive paradigm of ideas, beliefs and perspectives reportedly translated from ancient texts, which together comprise an affirmative and inspirational “point of view” or “world view” regarding the tangible realities of spirituality, the mechanics of creation, the history of our universe and the potentialities of the human condition. Like many popular “New Age” and “Traditional” paradigms of spiritual, scientific and historical beliefs, many points of view presented within EOMC teachings extend beyond the framework of presently recognized spiritual/religious, scientific and historical “fact” that can be verified through common contemporary scientific procedures. Thus, like many other popular belief paradigms, including ALL known “New Age” and “Traditional” spiritual/religious doctrines and many fields of contemporary scientific study, the perspectives presented within the EOMC teachings must, too, be presently categorized as theoretical in nature.


The verifiable actuality, and thus the potential validity, of the presently theoretical spiritual, scientific and historical perspectives of EOMC teachings pertaining to the “Ancient Science of the Shields” (scalar-standing-wave templates of matter and consciousness), “Merkaba Mechanics” (interdimensional electromagnetic vortex mechanics), “DNA Template Activations” (frequency accretion within the scalar template behind manifest chemical DNA), “Interdimensional Structure”, “15-Dimensional Anatomy”, “Bio-Spiritual Healing” (support of biological healing and well being through holistic spiritual practice) and Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey, perspectives which are featured within the EOMC  Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing Program, EOMC Maharata “Dance For” Programs and related published works of the EOMC, cannot at this time be “proved or disproved”. Therefore, the EOMC Paradigm and its related teachings, techniques and technologies are offered to the public as a unique and inspirational view point, solely for the purpose of public investigation, consideration and theoretical exploration.

Though the presently theoretical categorization of EOMC teachings within the public sector is recognized, it should also be recognized that members of the Azurite Press, Trustees and the AP Regents Council, as well as authorized EOMC translators/authors and teachers and many individuals within the international community, have personally chosen to accept the validity of EOMC teachings as representing more than a theoretical perspective, instead acknowledging the EOMC Paradigm as a factual reality interpretation, and practical worldview, through which progressive expansion of personal consciousness and coherent spiritual awakening are fostered. Such decision as to the factual or theoretical categorization of the EOMC Paradigm, and the responsibilities inherent to this decision, are deeply private spiritual issues, and thus must be assigned to the faculties of personal discretion.


EOMC Meditations for Spiritual Exploration, Medical and Psychiatric Considerations


As the EOMC Paradigm is built upon presently theoretical spiritual, scientific and historical perspectives, any and all techniques and technologies offered through the EOMC Paradigm must also be considered as presently theoretical in nature, and thus any and all techniques and technologies presented within EOMC teachings are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness, nor are they intended as substitution for professional medical or psychiatric advisory or treatment. Techniques and technologies provided within EOMC teachings are offered to the public solely as “Meditations for Spiritual Exploration”, with the intention of assisting to serve the further evolution of human consciousness through providing exposure to an expanded range of perspectives and potentialities. It is strongly recommended that individuals having a history of medical or psychiatric difficulties, or whom are presently under the care of medical or psychiatric professionals, seek professional advisory before using any EOMC Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques or technologies.

Since introduction of EOMC Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques and technologies in 1999 many people have claimed to receive beneficial affects and effects in the development and expansion of personal consciousness and spiritual awakening through use of EOMC techniques and technologies. There have also been a lesser number of reports of individuals claiming to receive no affect, effect or benefit at all, but there have been no reports of individuals claiming adverse medical, psychiatric or psychological affects or effects in conjunction with use of EOMC techniques and technologies. As a reflection of commitment to responsibility in presentation, EOMC techniques and technologies are not presented for exploration in the public domain until they are first and/or simultaneously explored, utilized or practiced by authorized EOMC translators/authors/ teachers and members of the Azurite Press Board of Directors. Though validation of factual actuality pertaining to affects, effects or benefits of practicing EOMC Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques and technologies must, like the techniques and technologies themselves, for the present time remain within the realm of theoretical exploration, it can be reported that since 1999, findings pertaining to the practicality of utilizing EOMC techniques and technologies have consistently revealed that affects and effects of such practices are quite individualized, though predominantly positive, in nature. Therefore, however, no claims, promises or guarantees as to the affects, effects or benefits an individual might expect to encounter through use of EOMC techniques and technologies can be offered at this time.  Utilization of EOMC Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques and technologies presently remains within the category of experimental self-exploration, through which absolute conclusions regarding generalities of mass affect, effect, benefit or detriment cannot yet be drawn. An individual’s involvement with EOMC teachings, techniques and technologies represents a choice of personal decision and discretion, and thus responsibility pertaining to affect and effect of practice that are inherent to this choice must also remain with the individual.


Claim of Authenticity


In offering EOMC teachings for public exploration, neither the translators/authors, publishers, promoters or related individuals and organizations make any claims whatsoever as to the factuality of ideas or perspectives contained within the EOMC Paradigm. Though the EOMC teaching texts themselves do on occasion claim that certain ideas and perspectives are of a factual nature, such claims represent points of view intrinsically contained within the ancient texts from which contemporary translations are drawn. The authorized translators/authors of contemporary EOMC teaching texts hold a binding commitment to ensure the clearest and most accurate translation of EOMC texts as possible under current evolutionary circumstances; a commitment to clarity and accuracy of translation that must include the allowance of contemporary translation of any claims of  factuality as they are contained within the EOMC texts of antiquity. Information represented as factual knowledge within the EOMC texts of antiquity, and their contemporary translations, is understood to represent “potential or possible factuality, expressed as factuality within the ancient texts, but which presently resides within  the domain of theory” within the context of contemporary publication.


The contemporary translators/authors of EOMC teachings claim only that the EOMC text translations contained within presently published works bearing their authorship represent an “as-accurate-as-possible” translation of EOMC text records believed to have been created in ancient times, which the contemporary translators/authors have had opportunity to review through authentic personal experiences. Translators/authors thus make claims only as to the authenticity of their personal experiences through which review of ancient EOMC text records occurred and as to the factuality that translation of the reviewed ancient EOMC texts into contemporary English language has been rendered by them as clearly and accurately as possible.


As the original EOMC texts of antiquity are not presently in the direct possession of authorized contemporary translators/authors, and thus contemporary translators/authors cannot at this time publicly display these artifacts in order to validate the reality of their continued existence and verify their inherent content, those who explore contemporary EOMC texts translations must understand that such works are presented as theoretical perspectives and possibilities, the validity of which one may choose to believe, or disbelieve, upon the merit of one’s personal discretion.  If ideas, concepts or perspectives contained within the EOMC texts, their contemporary translations or related teaching materials bear any resemblance to ideas, concepts or perspectives contained within any other presently known spiritual/religious, scientific or historical paradigms or teaching systems, such resemblance is purely coincidental. However, the event of such coincidence arising may potentially suggest that both the EOMC Paradigm and paradigms to which it might bear resemblance may have arisen from a common source in antiquity that has yet to be discovered or scientifically verified, but which would upon discovery lend credence and clarity to such coincidence.   


Terms, Conditions, Agreements and Implied Consent


As contemporary EOMC text translators/authors can make no claims or promises as to the factuality of ideas and perspectives presented within EOMC teachings, they likewise cannot offer any claims, promises or guarantees as to the affects or effects that may or may not arise through personal use of EOMC teachings or Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques and technologies. The responsibility for decision to engage involvement with EOMC teachings, techniques or technologies rests with each individual, and thus the responsibility for any affects or effects that may or may not occur in conjunction with use of EOMC teachings, techniques and technologies must also rest with the individual. The Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques and technologies provided within EOMC teachings represent translations from the ancient EOMC texts, and are provided to the public as an option for personal spiritual exploration, investigation and experimentation, to be utilized at the personal discretion of the reader or workshop attendee.


As stated in numerous public forums and workshops since 1999, in choosing to utilize EOMC teachings, techniques or technologies it is understood that in so doing the individual accepts full responsibility for any and all conditions that may or may not occur in conjunction with such practice. It is further recognized that the individual, through the act of utilizing EOMC teachings, techniques or technologies, thereby through this act agrees to release Azurite Press, Trustees, the AP Regents Council, authorized Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing Program teachers and facilitators (pertaining only to EOMC-sanctioned Kathara “no-touch” procedures), authorized EOMC translators/authors, teachers, promoters and any individuals and organizations thereto related, from any and all claims of liability or damages perceived or assumed to occur in conjunction with involvement in EOMC teachings, techniques or technologies. This statement of Terms and Conditions represents a written Notice of Implied Agreement and Consent to Liability Release in regard to involvement with EOMC teachings, techniques and technologies. This Notice of Implied Agreement and Consent of Liability Release represents a reiteration in specific written format of previously provided notice as to the necessity of taking personal responsibility for any and all consequences arising from chosen involvement with the EOMC Paradigm; notice which has been frequently provide verbally in public forum since 1999. It is recognized that the Implied Agreement and Consent to Terms and Conditions of Liability Release stated here within is accepted and enacted as such upon the act of chosen involvement with and/or practice of EOMC teachings, techniques and technologies. If one is uncomfortable or in disagreement with this stated Notice of Implied Agreement and Consent to Terms and Conditions of Liability Release, it is suggested and recommended that one choose at this time non-involvement with EOMC teachings, techniques and technologies, until a future time wherein such concerns have been assuaged. 


A Commitment to Quality and the EOMC Course-book Manuals


The authorized EOMC translators/authors, members of the EOMC, Azurite Press, Trustees, Regents Council, teachers and promoters of the EOMC Paradigm extend their greatest efforts in making EOMC teachings available for public exploration in the most responsible and respectful manner possible, whilst striving to maintain the highest standards of integrity in EOMC text translation and teaching.  Intrinsic to such responsibility in presentation, authorized EOMC translators/authors, members of Azurite Press, Trustees, Regents Council and authorized teachers and facilitators of EOMC programs are all individuals who personally believe in the factuality of the EOMC Paradigm and who actively participate, for personal spiritual reasons, in EOMC programs, including personal utilization of EOMC techniques and technologies.  These individuals all share a common commitment to achieving and maintaining integrity, quality and responsibility in public presentation of EOMC teachings; this shared commitment arises from a commonly shared, individually held, reverence, respect, appreciation for, and belief in the validity of, the EOMC Paradigm, its inherent teachings of personal spiritual self-discovery and the limitless potentialities of human consciousness that this paradigm suggests.


On behalf of this commitment to quality, may it be understood that EOMC Course-book Manuals, as featured within the EOMC Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing Program, EOMC Maharata “Dance For” Programs, EOMC Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative Program and other EOMC teaching programs, do not represent completed books, but rather exist as companion text briefings  that are created in conjunction with specific corresponding live workshop presentations which are preserved via audio/ video recordings that are made available on the Azurite Press Products List as specific Program Sets. The Course-book Manuals that accompany some of these audio-video workshop programs contain only the charts, graphs and most pertinent information pertaining to their corresponding audio-video program, and do not contain the many pages of dialogue and detailed explanation that is incorporated verbally within the audio-video program. Thus EOMC Course-book manuals are not intended to be used alone, but are rather intended for used as an additional educational aid in conjunction with their corresponding audio-video workshop program.


As new EOMC workshop materials are often released and translated during live workshop presentations, the corresponding Course-book Manuals and their inherent graphs and charts often reflect the immediacy of the new information provided in that they are initially rendered “in-the-rough”, often with portions of text in hand-written form, not yet “perfected” for book publication with appropriate dialogue text detail, typesetting, computer graphics, pagination and indexing. As each new workshop since 1999 has introduced the next level of new, live EOMC data translations, there has been insufficient time to “move backward” and perfect the quality of production pertaining to EOMC Course-Book Manual texts from previous workshops. The information and new EOMC teachings contained within each workshop program always reflect the standards of integrity and quality inherent to the EOMC Paradigm, but often timely public release of new materials is achieved at the expense of quality in product production. The Azurite Press staff apologizes for any inconvenience that such “data-in-the-rough” may cause; however, if workshop programs were withheld from Product List release until their audio/video recordings and corresponding Course-book Manuals were “perfected” in terms of product production, it would be several years before these materials were released for public review. As new EOMC teachings are often time-sensitive in regard to the unfolding of planetary events, especially since 2000, it has been of greater priority during this time to expedite availability of the EOMC teachings contained within the products, than it has been to demonstrate the standards of excellence in quality product production that remains a goal of Azurite Press.


For the time being, EOMC audio-video-Course-book Programs are in a state of continued evolution, as the small staff at Azurite Press, with the assistance of numerous individuals who volunteer their time and talents,  endeavor to compile dialogue transcripts and perfect typesetting, computer graphics and format organization of previous EOMC workshop presentations in effort to fulfill the goal of creating “perfected” book publications that contain, and “do justice to”, the vast body of quality teachings that have been presented during the 1999-2003 EOMC workshops. The commitment to achieving excellence in quality of production, as well as quality of information, that is held by members of Azurite Press staff arises from the personal desires of staff members to “honor the spirit of the teachings” which they have found personally valuable, as well as from a desire to provide the best possible quality of product and service in spiritual respect to the public. Until the goal of achieving “perfected” product production quality is actualized, Azurite Press staff hopes that the public will share in the recognition that it is the quality, and inherent substance, of EOMC information, more so than the “package that it comes in”, which demonstrates the value of Azurite Press EOMC educational products. 

……Azurite Press Board of Directors

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