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May 2012 Update:

All Kathara Team/Alliance Activities have been suspended  by the MCEO AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils until further notice.


Dec 2014 Update:

Due to legal issues none of the links below are working.



Azurite Press MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) is an educational resource publishing organization founded upon a commitment to support perspectives of consciousness studies, spiritual development, life empowerment, personal enrichment and environmental responsibility that reflect principles of unified scientific and spiritual paradigms based upon egalitarian, non-denominational, environmentally sensitive Humanitarian Spirituality.

The Kathara Team is a group of Teachers and Facilitators who have integrated Key Teachings of Keylontic Science and the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Level1-2™, and are staffed by Azurite Press, MCEO to facilitate the teachings around the world.

Keylontic Dictionary is a website containing definitions of many words and terms that you will encounter in the Guardian Alliance's Freedom Teachings and the work of E’Asha Ashayana. The definitions given are taken directly from the Teachings themselves.

A website listing workshops, information, & resources on the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System.

The Kathara Alliance is a group of dedicated spiritual healing Practitioners and Instructors who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Theory and Practice of the KATHARA Bio-Spiritual Healing System™ Level 1 and the Maharic Recoding Process, as deemed necessary by the EOMC for professionalism in the practice of Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Instruction.



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Attitudes of Mastery:             6. TRUST — Knowing the Power and Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.

Responsibilities of Mastery:  6. SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY: It is our absolute responsibility to choose to act with spiritual integrity at all times. There is no excuse to knowingly violate the spiritual rights of others, regardless of how poorly they may react to you. Spiritual Integrity requires that we begin to LOOK AT what we are REALLY doing in the way we live our lives. Do our eating habits violate the plant, animal or Earth kingdoms? Do our choices of words and actions show respect for other people and other life forms? Do we "play the survival of the fittest" lack-game to give ourselves an excuse for unethical behaviors in money matters, such as showing our silent rebellion against the government by trying to "cheat" on taxes, or by "showing up" a fellow employee at work to prove you are more worthy and thus more entitled to favor? Do you "tell people what they want to hear" in order to gain their approval and support, even if it is not fully true and does not reflect your personal needs or feelings? Do you try to "get others to do your share" as far as work or responsibilities? Do you use erroneous excuses such as race, gender, creed, academic or economic status to justify disrespectful, exploitative or unkind treatment of others? Spiritual Integrity requires that we take a good hard, frequent look at how we conduct our lives, to face the areas of activity in which we are performing in less than spiritually congruent ways and to employ active commitment and discipline to bring these areas of our lives into Spiritual Integrity. One does not "get through the gates of Heaven" (or anywhere else desirable) through using excuses for not employing genuine, not feigned, Spiritual Integrity. Cultivating spiritual integrity is a major responsibility on the path of spiritual mastery, and the way the universe works, you "can't leave home without it." This means that there is a biological reality of spiritual integrity that manifests chemically within the DNA as a result of that state and focus of consciousness. If you do not possess a sufficient amount of spiritual integrity in your consciousness, neither will your DNA Template. And though you might be able to "pull the wool over the eyes of others," your own biology will be eventually be your own task master. Passage through any stargate requires a sufficient amount of chemically encoded spiritual integrity of consciousness.