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The Tangible Structure of the Soul

The Tangible Structure of the Soul course is designed specifically to create a strong energetic alignment between you and your Highest Identity levels so that your expansion of consciousness can proceed unimpeded and your exploration into the frontiers of multi-dimensional being can unfold safely in a gentle manner.

The course seeks to reveal the point of union between seemingly opposing perspectives, to heal the conflicts inherent to Duality Consciousness and to assist in positive growth toward a Unity Consciousness that is based upon Mutual Love, Respect, Freedom and Co-Creative Stewardship towards our planet.

Each one of us has emerged from God-Source and we all carry a direct connection to Source through our higher bodies at the many levels in creation and through the levels of our own consciousness.


The course provides a 'road-map' through the contours of multi-dimensional human anatomy, through which the interwoven biological and spiritual aspects of human evolution can be understood and consciously accelerated.

You will become acquainted with the basic structure of 15 Dimensional Human Anatomy and the energetic Hova Bodies, which house the multi-dimensional awareness. 

You will encounter the identity aspects of the Incarnate, the Soul and Archetype, the Over-Soul and Monad, and the Avatar, Rishi, God-self and God-Seed that correspond to this basic anatomy structure. 

The paradigm of Bio-Spiritual Evolution recognises the intimate connection between the human DNA, multi-dimensional levels of identity and anatomy, and the spiritual integration process.   Understanding the mechanics by which reality is created assists us in participating consciously as responsible co-creators within the universal creation drama

The primary objective of this programme is: "To accelerate the Bio-spiritual Evolution, through expansion of the personal consciousness and integration of the spiritual aspects of Being".  


Practical Applications

Specific techniques and exercises of consciousness will begin to open the fields of higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment into the earthly conscious awareness.   These include:

·        Linking with 15th dimensional Rishi Self

·        Anchoring the 5th dimensional Archetype

·        Anchoring the 8th dimensional Monad

·        Keylonta Merkaba Activation

·        Clearing the Crystal Body

·        Activating the God-Seed.

The techniques are geared towards assisting you to make a conscious connection with these transcendent portions of yourself and towards accelerating the natural bio-energetic processes by which these portions of your awareness can be brought into conscious embodiment.

The first step in reclaiming our full potential lies in understanding what it is! This empowers the mental body, which must be included in our search for spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.



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