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Here you can chat with other Amenti Project (or subsequent Global Outreach Projects) students and leaders across the globe, share your experiences, and get some of your questions answered!

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Attitudes of Mastery:             9. MINDFULNESS — Loving, Nurturing, and Being Attentive to the ALL-ONE-ness.

Responsibilities of Mastery:  9. KINDNESS: Like Respect (Dance for Life Attitude of Mastery #4), Kindness is a birthright, but one that is quite often overlooked and misunderstood. When we approach the world through genuine kindheartedness, sending love and respect to all of creation in honor of the God Force that lives within all things, we are, again, transmitting electrical energy of a higher frequency, that will follow the mechanics of universal physics to bring more of like kind back to us through universal back flow. Kindness is a gift we must first give to ourselves in order to have it to give to others. Kindness implies being conscientious and caring toward the needs, feelings and desires of both the self and others, and to express this concern and caring in action, attitude and intention. Give to yourself random acts of kindness, then pass along the gift to all who cross your way. Try being kind to the mean and grouchy neighbor and you may help them rediscover the ability to smile. When we treat all things with kindness, we demonstrate that we acknowledge their intrinsic value as manifestations of God Source, and you will often find God Source lovingly returns the favor.