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Amenti Project Testimonials


From the Netherlands:

“Amenti classes give a new vision on the world we live in, the cosmos and us. We all are made of the same substance and it affects interaction with other people. Each class has a good mix of activities: the singing and exercise at the beginning and end, then watching A’sha-yana, the questions and answers, multiple choices and the A&Rs."                                         

“…Deepening and extending my knowledge about the world and ourselves. My view about the world and the people is changed. I have a more complete view and it is like I look with a different perspective. I feel more in balance, less emotional and more loving. It was very inspiring to watch the DVDs of A’sha-yana with a group. It raises your energy.”

Lise G. from Canada:

“One evening after doing the Maharic Seal meditation, we were introduced to a new meditation named the Blue Flame.

“During the meditation, A’sh-ayana mentions that we should be aware of ourselves; not just as our body but as our entire energy field that surround us (like our aura). I remember really concentrating on those words and feeling my outer energy.

“After the meditation, I remember feeling very lively and had to leave as soon as possible. The light felt brighter than usual. Once I stepped outside, I noticed that the darkness was colorful but my energy was the one taking my attention.

“Once in my car, I felt contained. After I drove for a block or two, I realized that if I wanted I could be right in front of my car; I could be on top of my car; I could be bigger than or outside of my car. I was amused and immediately thanked the universe for being with me in such a way. I also remembered that I was driving and had to do it safely.

“I arrived at the grocery store where I had to buy food for the next day. The lights were bright and my energy was still strong. Everyone I met had a strange smile so I must have had a big one.

“Once home, I mentioned to my partner how great the meditation was that evening. It was late, so after a bath I went to bed and thanked the universe again for being with me. I felt more peaceful and slept very well.

“The next day, I was lively and could not burn enough energy. I did a lot of physical exercise and never felt any physical pain. I cleaned the house and never felt tired in any way. The energy just slowly left me after 3 days.”

Nadia from Canada:

“During the Energy Sensation class, I felt this hot and itchy sensation while holding a rock in my right hand. The itchy sensation was that of a good feeling. It felt like someone was sitting in my hand, trying to communicate with me telepathically. It's like someone's there to listen to you and vice-versa.

“At a certain point, it wasn't a stone, but a ball of energy that was talking to me, telepathically. I felt a sense of joy to be able to communicate with another form of consciousness. It lasted a few seconds, and it is that that made my evening and the reason I wanted to share. Thank you A’sha-yana!”

Corinne D. from the U.S.:

“The Amenti classes provide an accessible understanding of physics on how the Universe works. The explanation of Universe dimensions associated with pulsations and waves is a fascinating revelation which makes sense. I really enjoyed the ‘time’ concept, which states that all events through time in fact are not linear but occur at the same instant.

“How the energy and dimension can be accessible through chakras was a valuable input. I was looking for meditation techniques and the Maharic seal provides such a great response.

“The Twelve Attitudes of Mastery were an eye opener on how we function and a spiritual road which fits my quest. Those Attitudes helped me to enjoy life fuller, since there are positive Attitudes such as Love, Grace, and Joy. The questions triggered by the reading and questioning were a valuable insight.”





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