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We recommend browsing through the Suggested Technique Sequence pages on the Azurite Press website
as the Suggested Reading for the E-BE Project, as there are a lot of techniques and guided meditations included in this Project.

However, if you're new to the Freedom Teachings, please refer to the Suggested Reading file for the Amenti Project's Amenti Class series
to familiarize yourself with Keylontic Science. You may also want to read through the 12 Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery found on the Amenti Homepage if you haven't done so already.






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Six Steps Toward Joy:                       3. FEEL: Shift from thinking to KNOWING. Suspend linear thought analysis and mind chatter and Breath In the Now of your present moment AS ENERGY, to connect with your 3-D reality in Direct Cognition rather than indirect observation. What does NOW feel like? Answer without words. FEEL.

Six Steps Toward Joy With Others:  3. Mutuality: Competition, “one-up-man-ship” and passing judgment on others are ego games that blind you to self-awareness and empowerment. If situations are approached from a “win-win” perspective of mutuality, and the highest vision for all is sought, joyful solutions will prosper. What is the highest win-win vision right now? How can we both get our needs met? Are we respecting each other’s boundaries? How will I heal or disengage non-mutual relationships?

(Taken from Angelic Realities handbook, pages 78-80. ©)